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CCM, is the art of controlling and holding.

The opponent is controlled and every movement has an effect on the joints, tendons, ligaments and conches of the opponent.


In the QIAN LONG SYSTEM, this art was further developed into a complex combat system.
Not only lever techniques are learned, but always combined with punches and kicks.



The fundamentals of close-quarters combat in the Close Combat Module are built through a combination of techniques from martial arts such as Keysi, Muay Boran, Kung Fu, Chin Na, and Lethwei.

These techniques are further developed and combined in advanced training to acquire effective and versatile close-quarters combat skills.

The system builds upon itself by integrating the best aspects of each martial art and adapting them to the needs of close-quarters situations.


In the advanced stage of the Close Combat Module (CCM), specific techniques are developed and integrated to effectively master close-quarters combat.

Within the CCM, there are three key combat specializations:

  • The Dragon Spiral

  • The Wiper

  • The Beast"

- Leverage and breaking techniques in a standing position -


he Dragon Spiral is a Kung Fu combat specialization within the CCM that applies attributes such as positioning, control, breaking techniques, and choking techniques in stand-up combat.

The characteristic feature of the Dragon Spiral is that the opponent is constantly kept under tension/pressure. Once the tension is released, impulsive attacks follow.

This combination of constant tension and sudden attacks is the hallmark of the Dragon Spiral.

The name Dragon Spiral signifies the dragon winding around the opponent in spiral movements, allowing for effective control of the combat space.


- Counter techniques in close-quarters combat -

The Wiper is a combat specialization that disrupts and counters attacks from close quarters. Attributes such as hammer fists, counterattacks, head armor, elbow and knee strikes, as well as attacks on joints and soft tissues are employed.

Characteristic of The Wiper is its role as a game changer, transitioning from a defensive to an offensive position to surprise and dominate the opponent.

The term 'Wiper' signifies the symbolic act of 'wiping away' and clearing the opponent's attacks.

Through skillful defense techniques and precise counter movements, the threat is eliminated, and one's own position is strengthened.

- Attacks in close-quarters combat - 

The Beast is a combat specialization based on the movements and characteristics of various animals in Kung Fu. Each animal within The Beast possesses unique attributes and attack techniques that are strategically employed.

The 'Eagle' utilizes painful claws.

The 'Tiger' tears with its claws.

The 'Mantis' surprises the opponent by grabbing and forcing submission.

The Beast enables the fighter to deploy fast and powerful attacks to overwhelm the opponent if necessary.


How is the training in the QLS??

In the QLS, training is conducted in an integrated manner.

In our martial arts system, the three combat modules - OCM (Open Combat Module), CCM (Close Combat Module), and GCM (Ground Combat Module) - are not simply offered separately during training.

Instead, they are trained together during lessons to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Seamless transitions between the OCM, CCM, and GCM areas are also emphasized. This helps fighters develop a comprehensive understanding of various combat situations and learn to adapt flexibly. By combining techniques and principles from all modules, fighters acquire a broad spectrum of skills, enabling them to operate successfully in different combat scenarios.

This holistic approach ensures that martial artists possess a versatile repertoire of techniques and strategies. They learn to leverage the strengths of each module and interconnect them to be effective in every combat situation. Through the integrated training of the OCM, CCM, and GCM modules, participants' martial experience and skills are elevated to a new professional level.

QLS Concept

All areas of the combat will be combined with each other. The techniques are based on self-defense, Distance-, Close and Grappling Combat.


  • Personal Training Bonus for Abo Members.

  • Real and effective self-defence according to the unique Qian Long System.

  • Fitness, endurance and strength are individually adjusted for you, whether intensive or just to switch off, you set your pace.

  • Flexible training times. You have the choice in one week to flexibly change up to 4 lessons without having to announce them. Just come when you have time.

  • Enjoy training. The Qian Long School attaches great importance to harmonious training and interaction with fellow human beings. 

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