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OCM is the free fight that includes punches, kicks and take downs.

In the QIAN LONG SYSTEM there are besides the sporting aspects of competition, the original free fight with no rules.

The free fight of the QIAN LONG SYSTEM is designed for self-defense on the road and includes knees, elbows, headbotts, kicks and attacks on joints and soft tissues. 



The OCM (Open Combat Module) is a comprehensive training program aimed at developing a stand-up self-defense fighter.

It covers various aspects of combat, starting with the foundation, which includes boxing, kicking, and throwing at a distance.

Building on this, advanced modules include:

  • "The Spider Web," enabling tactical attacks.

  • "The Punisher," focusing on self-defense attacks.

  • "The Bridgemaker," launching attacks over long distances.

The OCM thus provides comprehensive training to elevate combat skills to a professional level and effectively assert oneself in self-defense situations.


In the OCM (Open Combat Module), we place great importance on a solid foundation and understanding of the fundamentals of combat.

Therefore, we initially focus on training in boxing, kicking, and throwing. These fundamental techniques are carefully learned and mastered to establish a strong base.

Once these fundamentals are solidly mastered, we move beyond the foundation and offer advanced specializations.

- Control enemies up close -


The Spider Web is a combat specialization that focuses on the tactic of encircling the opponent, much like a spider's web, to then either lead them into close-quarters combat or transition to ground fighting. This specialization employs the principles of a spider's web to surround the opponent and restrict their movement.

This creates a situation where the fighter has control over the combat space and can deliberately initiate the transition to close-quarters combat or ground fighting.


- Pain attacks -

The Punisher is a self-defense-oriented combat specialization that focuses on targeted attacks.

In addition to strikes and kicks, specific techniques are trained to selectively target vulnerable areas of the opponent.

It employs strikes and kicks to sensitive areas to prevent further attacks.

This offensive tactic aims to punish the attacker and break through their defense.

- Attacking opponents from a distance -


The combat specialization "The Bridgemaker" reflects the strategic ability to build a bridge between long-range and close-range combat.

This technique enables the fighter to effectively control the combat space and dominate the opponent both from a distance and in close-quarters combat.

By skillfully utilizing attacks and movements, "The Bridgemaker" can flexibly respond to various situations and adapt the fight to its needs.

Attacks are cleverly combined with movements to establish a seamless connection between different distances.

How is the training in the QLS??

In the QLS, training is conducted in an integrated manner.

In our martial arts system, the three combat modules - OCM (Open Combat Module), CCM (Close Combat Module), and GCM (Ground Combat Module) - are not simply offered separately during training.

Instead, they are trained together during lessons to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Seamless transitions between the OCM, CCM, and GCM areas are also emphasized. This helps fighters develop a comprehensive understanding of various combat situations and learn to adapt flexibly. By combining techniques and principles from all modules, fighters acquire a broad spectrum of skills, enabling them to operate successfully in different combat scenarios.

This holistic approach ensures that martial artists possess a versatile repertoire of techniques and strategies. They learn to leverage the strengths of each module and interconnect them to be effective in every combat situation. Through the integrated training of the OCM, CCM, and GCM modules, participants' martial experience and skills are elevated to a new professional level.

QLS Concept

In the QLS, all areas of combat, such as close-quarters, long-range, ground, and strategic fighting, are trained and perfected together into a comprehensive martial arts system.


  • Personal Training Bonus for Abo Members.

  • Real and effective self-defence according to the unique Qian Long System.

  • Fitness, endurance and strength are individually adjusted for you, whether intensive or just to switch off, you set your pace.

  • Flexible training times. You have the choice in one week to flexibly change up to 4 lessons without having to announce them. Just come when you have time.

  • Enjoy training. The Qian Long School attaches great importance to harmonious training and interaction with fellow human beings. 

Simply register and try it out:

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